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In Vardar Film’s 1955 production of “Ritam I zyuk (Rythym and Sound), Tale Ognenovski as a clarinet soloist performed the Macedonian folk dances “Zhensko Chamche” and “Beranche” with Ensemble “Tanec”. In the film, “Zhensko Chamche” begins with some technically very complicated, solo improvisations by Tale Ognenovski that do not appear in the original version of the folk dance. By the end of 1955, Tale Ognenovski worked with the “Police Wind Orchestra”.

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Recycling wood can be quite cost effective, especially if a spouse, friend or family member is doing the work for free or at a minimal charge. Home repair costs are driven upwards when hiring a professional contractor, so you should shop around for the best rates. Find a contractor who specializes in green construction and if possible, use word of mouth recommendations.

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There are many engineers out looking for work because of recent layoffs. It’s easy to see where the jobs are by location or by specialization. Just using the general keyword electrical engineer almost 32,000 jobs were listed across the country at the time this article was written in the beginning of July.

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