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More than 200 donors have participated thus far, and the list of contributors reads like a who’s who of generous people on the Santa Barbara arts scene. From Lni F Bland, who acted as campaign chair along with attorney Derek A. Westen, to Michael and Anne Towbes, Sara Miller McCune, Roger and Nancy Davidson, Dana White, and Lee Luria (who stepped in at a crucial moment and bought the building for Ensemble), Santa Barbara’s most generous citizens have gotten on board with this project..

Step inside Bedazzled Boutique in Newtown Square and prepare to be dazzled by the huge selection of prom gowns. But because the Krass family and store employees specialize in personalized service, teen girls and their moms will be taken by the hand through a world of tulle, bangles, jersey, satin and lace. Colors literally span the rainbow in this store, from soft, saltwater taffy pastels to bold teals, pinks, yellows, blues, reds and more..

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