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A clear coat was applied again (see photos) over the decals. We later sanded it carefully andlacquered it again to get a silky smooth finish. A notch was also added at the top of the staff to allow the wooden frame to dock with it. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management Environmental policies and productivity growth: Evidence across industries and firms (January 2017)Environmental policies address wellbeing and sustainability objectives, affecting firm and household behaviour. A newly developed OECD indicator (EPS) shows that environmental policies have become more stringent over the past two decades.Note: Environmental policy stringency is defined as policy induced cost of polluting by firms. Underlying data is available here.Tighter environmental policies have had little effect on productivity growthTightening environmental policies have spurred only short term adjustments to aggregate productivity growth.

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Organic molecules are composed of two or more elements and are produced by or found in living organisms. They contain carbon hydrogen bonds. There are four main types of organic molecules including proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids.

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